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In this guide, I’ll be going over the step-by-step process to creating your outreach messages campaign and using the sales navigator search filter effeciently.

Who is this for?

This step-by-step system works for marketing agencies, consultants,
coaches, software development companies, and other B2B

Why Linkedin?

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn vs. 13% on Twitter & 7% on

Facebook. LinkedIn is the place to be when selling your B2B services.

Outreach Messages and system

Linkedin Outreach workflow:

Linkedin outreach process, follow up till you get a response

Follow the template link to get our messaging sequence and tweak it to your niche.

Template for one of the LinkedIn campaign that we ran. Including statistics of the campaign. Confidential information removed. Template link

How to find your leads on Linkedin

Sales Navigator is a pretty good tool as it gives you more search function so that you can find more prospects.

The filters are pretty self explanatory. But I would like to bring your attention to the Boolean search terms.

Here are some ways to use Boolean logic and for more detailed search results

  • “” enclose the phrase in quotation marks. Ie, “Automotive owners”.
  • NOT searches: Exclude terms from your search results. Ie. “Owner NOT Manager”.
  • OR searches: Results including one or more items in a list. Ie “Audio OR Health”
  • AND searches: Results that include all items in a list. Ie, “Lawyer AND Financial Advisor”.

Sales Nav Search Filter

Another quick tip for more detailed lead list is to filter by postal code. Hit the “Geography” filter and swap to postal code, then dial in the radius.