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The "Lazy" Community

Let’s be real.
Who wouldn’t want more money with less time?

Being lazy is not a sin, it’s a virtue.
We embraced our laziness.. and made this.

No crazy sales pitch here..

We teach you how to automate, delegate & build systems.

And pretty much anything we find useful in building our ventures..

So you can have more time to enjoy the money you make.
Because we know what it is like to miss out..


  • Lifetime Updates
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Why Did We Start A Membership?

From trying to figure out the right tool, to wasting time doing repetitive work.

All entrepreneurs struggle with the same exact thing..


Things that don’t move the needle, but is an absolute necessity to keep your business together.

Often then not, it causes decision fatigue..

  • From dealing with daily emails
  • Never-ending backlog of customer support
  • Tracking payouts and invoices
  • Engaging on Social Media (ORM)

Next thing you know, your business has consumed your whole life..

You think about work 24/7, worrying more than you should be & always constantly on alert for something new to deal with..

But that’s not what it should be!

We are overwhelmed with choices that don’t matter..

Tricked into a false sense of productivity doing them,
but getting nowhere with it.

And then you think to yourself..
“I didn’t sign up for this!” 

Simple as it is, that’s the #1 struggle we all share..

So we solved it!

Systems – Building a framework (SOP) before issues come up
Automation – tracking new keyword mentions of your business for ORM, Social Media Growth
Delegation – Outsourcing VA work, data tracking & invoices 

And DOZENS of other headache-inducing grunt work..

And knowing it’ll help other entrepreneurs – we documented it, all in our community.

What’s inside?

What we put up is based on what the community needs, you can request stuff to be added.
The posts section down below only shows up to 20, if it doesn’t have what you need – we’ll add it on our to-do-list.
As simple as that!


What resources/templates are there?

  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Hiring 
  • Market Research 
  • Offer creation
  • Minimum Viable Offer/Product creation
  • Outreach drip messsages
  • Goals/ KPIs tracking

How Do I Get Access AFter The Purchase?

You’ll be redirected to a payment page, which lead you to a login page. 

You’ll also be granted access to our exclusive community for on-going support.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the product, we don’t offer refunds.

If you doubt you can at least save a couple hours from applying what we teach, do not purchase.

Does this include lifetime updates?


Times are changing really fast. 

The course will be updated periodically to give you and competitive edge against the others.


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